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Welcome Hypnobub Matilda

I received this beautiful email from hypnomumma Hannah, and am so excited to share it with you, Congratulations Hannah and Rhys and welcome beautiful Matilda x

Hey Nic,

Finally got around to putting something together. I wanted to let those people that still have doubts about hypnobirthing know that, they are capable of a hypnobirth, and that they can do it. It may not be a textbook hypnobirth and as serene as the videos you showed us in the class, but it definitely is possible for all.

"When my waters had been broken for over 18 hours, I knew my birth plan was heading down a different path than what I had had in mind for so many months prior. However, I was able to remain cool, calm and collected during this time, as my hypnobirthing practices had taught me to accept any turn that my birthing was going to take.

My partner, Rhys and I arrived at the hospital at 10:30pm on a Tuesday night, with my surges still fairly irregular and inconsistent, as they had been since my waters had broken earlier that morning. It only took a little bit of monitoring at the hospital and it was like my body knew it was time, and my body fell into regular consistent surges.

While I wasn’t as composed as the hypnomothers I had seen in the birthing videos (there was a lot of loud grunting, and deep yelling, luckily it was a quiet night in the delivery ward), I’m so glad I was able to practice hypnobirthing in my way. Through my hypno-breathing, music for childbirth, encouraging words from Rhys and with the aid of a TENS machine, we were able to safely and happily welcome our hypnobub, Matilda June, into the world at 5:28am on Wednesday 6th September.

Thank you, Nic for making my birthing experience so positive and memorable, I feel empowered now and look forward to future birthing experiences with a little more hypno practice. However, in the meantime, we will simply enjoy Matilda.

I'm sure we will bump into each other at some stage.

Thank you so much again for all your support.


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