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Hypno VBA2C!!

Emma shared this story shortly after her birth and I find myself telling anyone that will listen about this birth. I kept meaning to ask her for her story to share but kept forgetting - finally as Charlotte's first birthday rolled around I remembered and let me just say - it was worth the wait!! You will love this one!! - N

Charlotte Elizabeth Eggleton

On 10/01/2020 at 39+6 days gestation, I gave birth to my 3rd beautiful little girl via an all natural physiological birth after two cesareans (VBAC2).

Here’s my story:

When I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to have a natural birth. I had previously had 2 elective c-sections (my first due to being breached and my second coming so soon after). After getting a 60% physical chance of a successful VBAC2 from the doctors, I spent months of my pregnancy researching and preparing myself mentally to fill in that 40% gap. My husband and I were recommended to attend Mind, Bump & Birth classes, as we both had never experienced a labor and we wanted to feel confident going into what was already labeled as ‘risky’ labor. What we got out of Hypnobirthing was far more then we both could have imagined. After attending a 2 day course we both left feeling empowered, knowledged and excited for the birth. We spent the next few months preparing ourselves with the tools provided during our Hypnobirthing course. Then on, Wednesday 08th Jan I started to feel reduced fetal movement. We went up to the hospital and straight in for monitoring. We were advised that the ‘safest’ option would a c- section either that night or the following morning. Part of me shattered. I had prepared this whole time for my natural delivery and I was devastated to think that all my planning and preparing would be for nothing. I asked if there was another safe option available and after consulting with doctors, we decided to wait until the following morning to re-assess and come up with a plan. On Thursday 09th Jan my husband and I went back up to the hospital hopeful for a different outcome. After tests were re-run, it was recommended that babies safest option was to come earth side. With the support of the hospital we came up with a plan that everyone was comfortable and happy with. I would be induced that evening with a balloon catheter for my waters to be broken the following morning. From there I would have 15 hours to have my natural birth before a c-section was required. I was admitted in and on Thursday evening they inserted the balloon. During the evening I started having period style cramping every 20mins. This continued through to the morning. At 6am they moved me into delivery suite so my husband, mum and nanny could come in. We were told we guaranteed for a long day as generally first time labor’s are longer. With a c-section scheduled for midnight I was still hopeful I could do it. At 7am my waters were broken. I was 2cm dilated at that point. Things escalated quicker then anyone ever imagined. Surges started straight away. After only 4 surges at 10min apart, I remember dropping to floor. With no break between surges I started to beg for a epidural. I knew this must of only been the beginning (30mins into labor) and didn’t know how I was to continue without pain relief for another 15 hours. One more surge waved over me and I felt an intense need to push. The midwives advised it defintly was NOT time to push as I was so early into labor and recommended a epidural to assist me with the pain . I knew with every part of my soul they were wrong but listened when I was asked to jump on the bed so I could be checked for the epidural. I crawled onto the bed still yelling and feeling a strong urge to push. I can just remember having the doctor look up at me in utter shock. She advised I was fully dilated and if I needed to push I was to push. I requested the bed be raised to allow gravity to assist with the pushing and after 9mins and with every ounce of energy I had, I pushed out my healthy 3.92kg baby girl. The whole room was in shock. 19mins later, after some skin on skin, I naturally released my placenta. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think anyone could. Not only had I successfully achieved a 100% drug free VBAC2, I did it all in 1hour 40mins

It had been a controversial decision from the beginning with many doctors/people doubting I could successfully do it. But boy did I prove that wrong. With my determination and complete confidence, Hypnobirthing tools and the support of my husband, mum, nanny and some beautiful midwives I DID IT!

A raw moment in time I’ll cherish forever

- Emma Eggleton


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