My positive birth experience and the great tale of the most magnificent birth

Oh my goodness!! Two birth stories in one from the gorgeous Brydie and Adrian that completed my classes. I was so excited to get this one! You're gonna love it. Grab a cuppa and some tissues. I am so excited to share this one with you all... N xx My positive birth experience- Brydie Purbrick I had 48 hours of early labour that started late Saturday night when I was 39+3. I had a restful day and had been reading my book in the afternoon. We had dinner with my parents and then after dinner I started to notice the Braxton Hicks were becoming uncomfortable and more regular. We went into birthing mode, lighting candles, dimming the lights, and starting the relaxing playlist. We were excited to fi

Welcome Harriet!!

This has been sitting in my inbox for way too long, I am soooo happy to share hypnobirthing superstars, Bec and Kris' birth of Harriet!! Enjoy its gorgeous xox Dear Nic, We just wanted to email to say thank you again for the wonderful hypnobirthing classes and to share our birth story and bundle of joy with you!! Harriet Isabel Gesling was born at home in our bedroom at 12.28am on 8 July. I laboured for about 24 hours from early prelabour to Harriet's birth. I can't imagine our birth without the hypnobirthing preparation! I found the tracks so helpful and listened to tranquil chambers, affirmations and surge of the sea at various stages. I remember spending time on the birth ball early on, s

Me and Baby - our birth story

I was inspired to share my story after talking to a pregnant lady who I bought my groceries from the other day. She said she’d just done a hypnobirthing course and was trying to ignore all the horrid birth stories people were telling here. I blurted out that I loved giving birth and I really enjoyed being pregnant. Here’s a message I sent a pregnant friend just after I gave birth (she was struggling to feel unique in the hospital system): Heya 😊 I guess you’re due soon? I just birthed my little boy on the weekend. We birthed at home and I haven’t really left my bedroom since. I hope you’re starting to look forward to giving birth. It’s an empowering experience where we as women can truly fe

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