Louie’s Birth Story

*TRIGGER WARNING* (This birth could be perceived as traumatic). This amazing birth story was sent to me by my gorgeous friend and colleague for birth trauma week. Hattie was an absolute BOSS to get through the twists and turns that this birth threw at her and she even feels quite positive about this birth. Hypnobirthing in the true sense of the word, 'I will calmly meet any turn my birthing may take.' Hattie - you, Tom and Louie are total superstars. Thank you for sharing your birth story. I’m writing this down while my gorgeous, sunny 5-month old babe naps peacefully beside me. His chest gently rising and falling, making little squeaks and smiling in his milky dreams - lordy it’s enough to

Welcome Hypno Bub Archie

I received this beautiful birth story from gorgeous Gemma and Ben and with their permission am able to share with you. Even though their birth didn't go to plan, Gemma and Ben were able to have a beautiful positive hypnobirth. Enjoy. -N Archie’s Birth story 21/08/20 17.57pm Labour started for me at 8pm on Thursday 20th August after a very relaxed day of coffee with a friend, acupuncture, catching up with my midwife, a dog walk and a chiro adjustment. What amazes me about the day I went into labour was how great I felt. I had come down with tonsillitis and a head cold just 2 days before and had needed an urgent COVID swab to rule that out incase I went into labour. I woke up the day I went in

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