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Sonny's Birth <3

At 34 weeks I went to my GP to get medical clearance to work - I was given the clearance but she wanted me to call the Antenatal number about some fluid loss that I had reported over the weekend.

The hospital said to come in for a check up. Everything was straight forward, the Dr was testing a sample for any amniotic fluid as I was preparing to leave.. and it was positive, meaning my waters had broken!

I was admitted to the Maternity ward for 48 hour monitoring to prevent labour from coming on, hoping for a hind leak, which can fix itself and meaning I could continue carrying Bub to full term.

From midnight I kept producing more and more fluid, and by 4am I’d started to feel period pain like cramping. I buzzed the nurse by 5.30am and we walked over to delivery suite for a check up and I was in labour!

Before 9am I was 9cm dilated and moved to a birthing suite, I couldn’t go to the Birth Centre as I was so early, so I called Dylan to come to the hospital immediately. He wasn’t able enter the hospital when I was admitted the previous day because it was 8 days since his COVID diagnosis, and to enter the hospital you have to be 10 days… that meant at time of labour he was 9 days out, and he wouldn’t be allowed in. He called every nurse, doctor and security guard and they said he still wasn’t able to enter the hospital.

So I got the midwives to page my best friend Megan who works at the hospital and she came racing in to be my birth partner.

By 10am I was 10cm dilated! I had my Hypnobirthing music, Dylan on FaceTime, lollies, gas and warm compresses. All was really relaxed and I even slept/zoned out through an hour of contractions! But midwives said it’s time to move and encourage delivery which we slowly changed positions over the hours.

Towards the end I had tried everything and I just knew I needed help, I was so tired.

So the Dr came and was positive we could deliver him with forceps. We tried three more surges before going to theatre.

Theatre was hectic (bright lights, full of noise and people) but I just kept my eyes closed and used all my breathing strategies! Two pushes with forceps and he was born screaming before he was even out! He had his head tucked slightly the wrong way which was preventing him from coming out!

Sonny was born big and healthy, lungs absolutely fine. The doctors were so happy with him!

Megan got to cut his umbilical cord and Dylan was on FaceTime the entire labour and delivery, I felt I had double the support with me, I was so lucky. We just had to roll with the punches and let go of the things we couldn’t control.

I look back and, besides Dylan not being there, wouldn’t change a thing!

Very grateful for Nicole and Hypnobirthing for educating us how to have a mindful, positive birth and empower us to take on whatever came our way that day!


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