Beautiful Hypnobub Iyah-Rose

I received this beautiful birth story from the gorgeous Kristy and Brian, it just shows how you can calmly meet whatever turn your birthing takes, well done superstars! Thanks so much for sharing, you continue to inspire women all over the world... xx Myself and hubby had planned to have a baby and once the decision was made I fell pregnant instantly, we where excited for the journey ahead, I was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy but I did my part to ensure that too, I practiced yoga every day, I craved only the best of foods and carrots where my favourite. I came across a hypnobirthing book when I went to an op shop looking for books to read our little one, it was exactly what I’d been sea

A Beautiful Testimonial

I received this amazing testimonial from Amy and Tony, Welcome little Layla, she is divine guys, Hypnobirthing Superstars!! - Nic My husband and I chose Nic's private hypnobirthing sessions, so that we could immerse ourselves in the experience as a team from the get go. My husband also has a short attention span - so I thought it might be our best option to get him learning well! The hypnobirthing course is wonderful, and we couldn't imagine our birthing journey without Nic or the course content. We felt so empowered after each session in relation to birth and the choices which have to be made in the lead up. We also felt strong as a birthing team, and ready to face any challenges that lay a

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