My amazing 2nd hypnobub, Sadie

The Birth of Sadie Dorothy Jackson 19.9.16 2045pm 4250g, 51cm long and 35cm head. We found out we were pregnant not long after New Years Eve, it was something we had wanted for a while and were super excited to be expecting a sibling for Jude. The pregnancy was lovely again, although there was a fair bit of nausea in the first trimester, and pregnancy with a toddler is just exhaustion but on a whole different level. I really felt like I would go early this time around, I had been practicing my hypnobirthing and our space was ready. Gabe (my husband) had to have some surgery when I was around 38weeks, and I think that put a hold on anything that may have started anyway. After 40weeks I was ve

A beautiful birth to welcome Eleanor

Eleanor Redway arrived the day after I saw you at the birth centre at 9.06am and she is beautiful! My waters broke around 5pm that night and then my contractions started a few hours later. We had dinner and watched some tv before I went to lie down and got Pete to help put the tens machine on. I lay in bed trying to rest and listening to the hypnobirthing affirmations and focusing on my breathing. The combination of hypnobirthing and tens was fantastic and was the only pain relief I used throughout the birth. In the meantime Pete went to the airport to pick up my parents who flew in at 1am from Hobart. Around 3am I asked Pete to ring the oncall midwife and by 3.40am we were at the birth cent

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