Little Evie's Birth :)

Little Evie Lorella Imbrogno was born on the 9th August (her exact due date!). She is super cute and we are very much in love with her! My birthing experience didn't really go as well as I was hoping but none the less I am still super happy that we did the hypnobirthing course. My surges started at 10pm on 8th August. I loved the process of going through the surges and felt really confident. We managed to stay at home until the surges were about 3 minutes apart and at that stage I was still feeling really good. I was listening to the tracks as I was having the surges which helped a lot. When we spoke to the midwife at the hospital she didn't think that I would be ready and said that I might

Welcome little Fletcher

I've been meaning to email you again to let you know that we welcomed Fletcher Michael Taylor on the 10th at 7:28pm! We are both so in love but still trying to find our feet as new parents. I did end up being induced with a Foley's catheter the night of the 9th and my waters were broken around 9:30-10am the next morning. I was 3cm and put on a syntocin drip. I listened to affirmations and breathed through 5 hours of labour. As contractions began ramping up our midwife did an internal and found that I'd effaced a bit but hadn't dilated any more. After 5 hours I felt defeated so asked for gas and ended up asking for an epi. By the time the epi was administered I had 20 minutes of pain relief b

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