Hypnobub Asha's beautiful birth

I received this beautiful birth story from Hypnomumma Dominique today and it made me tear up, I hope you enjoy, Thanks for sharing Dom. -Nic x Little Asha Jade Willis was born on Monday night at 10:35pm, the 2nd of October 2017. It was the most beautiful and special day of our lives. Asha was born in the birth centre in the Royal Darwin Hospital. I felt lucky to be able to give birth in this beautiful and spacious room with a big spa and double bed. At first it was hard to tell when to go to hospital as my surges started on Saturday night lasting all at least 1 minute, but they weren't consistent enough to go to hospital. It was Monday morning at 3am when we went into hospital. The midwif

Welcome Hypnobub Matilda

I received this beautiful email from hypnomumma Hannah, and am so excited to share it with you, Congratulations Hannah and Rhys and welcome beautiful Matilda x Hey Nic, Finally got around to putting something together. I wanted to let those people that still have doubts about hypnobirthing know that, they are capable of a hypnobirth, and that they can do it. It may not be a textbook hypnobirth and as serene as the videos you showed us in the class, but it definitely is possible for all. "When my waters had been broken for over 18 hours, I knew my birth plan was heading down a different path than what I had had in mind for so many months prior. However, I was able to remain cool, calm and col

Welcome Hypnobub Charlotte

Jason and I would like to introduce you to Charlotte Wendy Ausburn. Born on Friday 29th September (on my birthday ), weighing 7 pound 2. Born safely at the birth centre. Started having tightening’s Friday afternoon, was able to continue my day, used my H ypnobirthing Australia tracks to relax later in the afternoon, and kept walking and using my yoga ball and tens machine up until 10pm when I arrived at the birth centre which I thought would be the start of a long night. By the time I arrived, the back and pelvic pain was intense so was a little scared how I could continue with that much pain if it was going to last throughout the night. Was only 4cm dilated on arrival but I remember being t

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