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Beautiful Hypnobub Iyah-Rose

I received this beautiful birth story from the gorgeous Kristy and Brian, it just shows how you can calmly meet whatever turn your birthing takes, well done superstars! Thanks so much for sharing, you continue to inspire women all over the world... xx

Myself and hubby had planned to have a baby and once the decision was made I fell pregnant instantly, we where excited for the journey ahead, I was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy but I did my part to ensure that too, I practiced yoga every day, I craved only the best of foods and carrots where my favourite. I came across a hypnobirthing book when I went to an op shop looking for books to read our little one, it was exactly what I’d been searching for, there just had to be more to labour then the horrible pain everyone talks about and so, when I found that book I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. The first chapter had me captivated and I didn’t hesitate to book in with Ncole at Mind, Bump and Birth. Hubby was very supportive and was looking forward to it too as he had no idea what to expect. We loved every moment of our classes and was super excited to the day we would meet our baby.

Now I was happy to go with the flow but of course we all have the perfect plan where everything goes just the way we want it to, I kept envisioning the way it would be, id fly back to geraldton from darwin 6weeks before my due date and rest until hubby came home 3weeks later, I’d go into labour a few days before or after my due date, when I went into labour I’d stay home in our caravan (we’re currently travelling australia) and labour for as long as I could then we would make our way to the hospital I’d have my crystals and my salt lamp set up, I’d have my music playing and hubby would be there with his light touch massage softly spoken voice to sooth me and we’d go through an amazing journey to birth our baby I’d breath her down and everything would go just the way we had envisioned.

Well as we know things just don’t always go the way we want them to but you know what, I still had an amazing experience and if it wasn’t for hypnobirthing I’m not sure how things would have been and so this is my birth story...

I'd made my way back to geraldton and had been there for a week I’d enjoyed my baby shower and spending time with family. I had a midwife appointment Tuesday afternoon I was feeling great as I’d had a good nights sleep, it was just the usual monthly check up my pregnancy had been a breeze, we went through the normal questions and then she checked my bloody pressure, it was high very high, after a few hours and some tests turns out I had started to develop pre-eclampsia, my doctor came to visit and she had run me though what was going on and that tomorrow I’d be having my girl, now at that point I was in total shock and all I could think was brians not gonna make it, its to early! But then I remembered that little voice in the back of my head “I am prepare to calmly meet what ever turn my birthing takes” I took a few moments to let everything sink in and then I focused, I breathed and I prepared myself, for I was the only one that could birth my baby. I was admitted for the night, turned out i was already 1cm dilated and my cervix was super soft, my body and baby where ready, I relaxed and connected to them both. I set my crystals and salt lamp up and played my birthing tracks, I fell into a deep sleep which I was grateful for, the next morning at 6am my midwife broke my waters and the surges began straight away I had my mum and sister through out the whole thing and FaceTime my hubby between flights, I played the track “affirmation for a beautiful birth” on repeat and every time I felt my mind wonder I would tune back into the music to keep me focused, i envisioned opening up and my baby descending. I breathed deep into my surges and with no drugs or interventions I birthed my baby on the bed on all fours with a fist pump to the air when she came out, my labour lasted for 5 and a half hours I spent most my time in the shower on the ball, I went from 4cm to fully dilated within an hour, we video called hubby before his flight from Alice Springs to perth and when he landed he called again and seen our little girl in my arms. Our girls heart rate stayed beautiful throughout and when she popped her little head out she opened her eyes to look around. I had some wonderful midwives and my mum and sister where great support, they couldn’t believe how calm the whole thing was my mum can’t stop bragging about it and my sister was glad to have witnessed a positive birth after experiencing a traumatic one herself. our little miss iyah-rose horner was born on the 11th of October 2017 coming 5weeks early, weighing 5 pound 7 ounces and 47cm long.

We where in hospital for 2 weeks to get our girl in tip top shape but she exceeded all expectations, most babies get sent to perth and are put in incubators not our little warrior she surprised everyone with her strength and determination. Lots of skin on skin and mummas medicine from her breast we where out of hospital and on our way home in no time at all. I have the most placid and content little baby whom is so alert and observant she takes everything in, definitely no birth trauma here. Bring my baby earth side was the most amazing and empowering thing I have ever done, even though it didn’t go the way I had envisioned it was still an awesome birth and I have hypnobirthing to thank for it!

So again thank you so so much nic for sharing your knowledge, I hope hypnobirthing becomes the way of birthing for generations to come. I think with hypnobirthing there are going to be some beautiful humans our there. Let’s show the women of tomorrow that birth can be a powerful and envigorating journey and that fear holds no place in such a magical dance with mother and baby.

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