Tallulah Moon Birth Story - Home Birth

Golden's first birth story, which you can read here, was one of the most read birth stories I have ever shared, and rightly so, such an amazing birth. So when Golden asked if I wanted to share her second birth on my page I jumped at the chance!! This birth story is phenomenal, full of goosebump inducing tales, Golden puts it into words so beautifully. Absolute Hypnobirthing superstars, Golden and Witty work together to bring their beautiful second babe earthside. Enjoy, Nic xoxo On the 16th of March, I was one heavy mama surviving the wimpiest wet season we’d ever seen in Darwin. Each moment, I felt like I was wading through the swamp of humidity, and lugging with me, one bulging belly. It w

Eliana's Positive Induction

I loved teaching Courtney and Nigel, they were so enthusiastic and it was so lovely to see. I received a message from Courtney telling me they were in hospital facing an induction, so I popped into their room, reminded them of their BRAIN technique to ask questions to ensure that they were comfortable with the interventions being offered, and gave them a positive induction story to read. This story helped them so much that they wanted to be able to do the same for others. So here is their amazing birth story, grab a cuppa and enjoy these superstars version of events!! Nic PS maybe grab some tissues x At 10:30am Tuesday the 7th of May I was 39 weeks pregnant. I went downstairs to get the wash

Leopold's Birth Story

I got this birth story sent to me a little while ago... I was chatting with gorgeous new mumma and friend of mine, Lee-Anna about her birth and she didn't think that I would want her birth story... Boy was she wrong. It is such a beautiful birth. It shows how important it is to calmly accept any turn your birth may take as there are some turns in this one... Lee-Anna and Jason were complete hypno-superstars!! Enjoy this beautiful birth story... Nic xx As a midwife I’ve always been fascinated by pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. When I became pregnant, I was ecstatic at the thought of being able to feel both flutters in my belly and kicks in the ribs. Furthermore, I looked forward to the f

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