Birthing in the bush Hypnobubs style: the story of Morrison’s arrival earth side

Kato and Scotty did the online Hypnobubs course and saw me for their 90min face to face session. I loved their enthusiasm and postitivity right from the start. They even bought Morrie round for cuddles when they were in Darwin last and let me tell you he is cool as a cucumber and gorgeous to boot... Here is their amazing birth story, you'll love it, it had me in tears and gave me full goosebumps!! Well done you hypnobirthing superstars!!! -Nic We are thrilled to share the story of how our beautiful, big hypnobub arrived, we particularly hope that it pumps up the tyres of any older first time mums and those with big babies – it is possible to do it all drug and intervention free! I certainly

Welcome Hypnobub Alfie

I received this email a little while ago and could not wait to share this beautiful positive birth with you all. Well done superstar hypnomumma Helen and Jeremy, congratulations! - Nic Little Alfred ('Alfie') John McCann was born last Wednesday at 6:04am. Absolute monster - 56cm and 3.99kg. Was not expecting that! But he is very happy and healthy which is rad. The birth was really great. It was long - 24 hours or so- but I am really happy with how it all went and have recovered really well - feeling pretty much normal now! Not being pregnant is pretty amazing - I don't think I realised how uncomfortable I was. Anyway, we laboured at home for ages (all day Tuesday) and it was really peaceful

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