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Welcome Andi!

I was flicking through my Facebook feed when an ABC news article popped up that caught my attention 'Darwin newborn makes grand entrance in hospital car park'. I wondered if it was one the lovely couples whom had attended Hypnobirthing Australia classes with me, I started reading and quickly recognised Kristy and Chris. I was so excited they'd had a lovely, albeit eventful, calm birth. When I emailed Kristy to congratulate her she sent me through a photo and mini birth story for you all. Here it is and below is the news article :) Enjoy

Nicole!! Omg thank you thank you thank you!! Wow what an amazing experience we wouldn't have had it any other way it was the best day of my life!! I cannot believe how much you can love another human being!! We are just besotted by her!! Oh the hypnobirthing was incredible I just swam and walked the dogs during the day we had friends around until 3:30 but I don't know if they were contractions or just the pretend ones!!

Then at about 5 I called the midwife and then ran a bath and had the calm music and clary sage salts at 5:20 my waters broke and then they got very intense and then I had the feeling like in the classes when you said your body makes you want 2 push so we went to hospital and as we turned into the hospital road and I could feel her head so I was trying so hard to just stop and hold it there!! We parked the midwife met us with the wheel chair at the same time but as I stepped out of the car I took off my undies and her head came out I went to kneel on the wheel chair and she entered the world the midwife caught her and we were all like wow!! We just had a baby haha!!

It was actually amazing and I wouldn't want it any other way 😊😊!! Thank you for all you support guidance and info!! It really helped haha I was really calm it was just the car ride where I was like go go go haha!!! I can't wait for you to. Meet Andi one day!! We are just sooo in love!! Big hugs and kisses from Chris, Kristy and Andi!!

Thank you for everything again Nicole!!

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