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The Birth of Eddie

Well my due date came on the 19th of June and I made sure it was a lovely day. I had an almond croissant for breakfast, a massage and went out for lunch with my mum. I was feeling happy and relaxed, doing some stretches and yoga, and massage with coconut oil and clary sage before going to bed that night.

At about 1:30 in the morning I was wide awake. Not sure why I opened my phone and scrolled through Facebook, quickly deciding I should get off and try to get back to sleep. Just as I was drifting off I felt some cramping. I waited to see if it happened again. Another 4 surges past in around an hour and I decided to get up and put a liner on. In doing so I discovered my mucus plug and a bit of pink spotting. My mind went back to when my midwife had said "if it's pink, I can guarantee it's your waters". Being that I was GBS positive I knew that I had to go and start antibiotics sooner rather than later. I gave myself another hour, made some Vegemite toast and rang the on call midwife who advised me to go in. I woke my partner at around 4:30 and we packed everything up and made our way to the hospital.

On the ward, a swab was taken and it was confirmed it was my waters that had begun to leak. I was quickly fitted with a canula and antibiotics started. I then had my waters fully broken and advised that they would soon start the oxytocin drip. Now, this wasn't my ideal way of giving birth but I had remained open minded through my whole pregnancy, knowing that anything can happen and there was no point in having 1 plan. Instead I had my birth preferences which enabled me to make any situation my own and kept me relaxed and comfortable.

My partner returned home to pick up my mum and when they arrived back the oxytocin was started which was around 8am. This was also when my amazing midwife Prue arrived. At this stage I was feeling quite relaxed and happy, making jokes and chatting between surges. I put on my affirmation track and continued through a few more surges before deciding that I didn't want to hear another second of Melissa's voice (sorry Melissa). The surges increased with intensity and unfortunately my Vegemite toast came back up and I remember being grateful I had only eaten toast.

Through my surges I completely flopped and relaxed into the wave. Reminding myself that 'this too shall pass'. A bigger room opened up and we were told we could move in, a scary thought knowing I would have to walk and if I didn't time it right I would have a surge halfway there. We made it okay and we got in the shower. Me sitting on the ball and my partner Thom in control of the shower head. My time in the shower went quickly, what felt like 10 minutes was actually 2 hours. I lost my focus here and became quite vocal, at one point I said 'what on earth made me think I could do this?!' I was forgetting to flop and breathe. I told Thom I wanted to pain relief (although I had put in my birth preferences I didn't want any!) I told my midwife Prue as well. I was feeling very weak and nauseas at this stage and Prue suggested something to settle my stomach - she gave me an anti nausea and offered gas. I agreed and we hoped out of the shower. Once out of the shower the thought of having the gas was too much, I didn't want it to disrupt my breathing and I didn't want to feel any dizzier than I already did.

I laid on the bed on my side and got straight back into my hypnobirthing rhythm. Through this stage I was drifting into sleep between my surges (the anti nausea may have assisted). I felt really relaxed and back in control.

Now at some point Prue examined to see my progress - I thought it was now but I'm told it was later when I was feeling the urge to push. Anyway! There was a little bubble of fluid sitting in front of babes head which she burst and helped the progression of him coming down.

I returned to my side and and breathed through my surges. With each one I was thinking over and over to myself "powerful" - this was a term I decided to give my birth months and months earlier (I think I was only 10 weeks) at a Yoga class with Clancy at CEA. This helped me to embrace the strength of the surges. I also had 'Real Love' by Father John Misty playing on repeat in my head - which of course helped.

I began to feel a small urge to push - at first I wasn't sure if it was the real deal but soon enough another urge came and I knew it was really happening. Prue checked my to see how far I had dilated as last check I was at 6cm and that had been 2 hours before. I was indeed 10cm (this was all told me after - as I had requested not to know my dilation until fully dilated).

I moved positions and knelt facing the back of the bed, breathing into each surge and bearing down the best I could. After small progress Prue suggested a new position - standing. Making my way there I was overcome with the urge to push so I squatted next to the bed - Thom behind me supporting me. We stayed here for awhile but again after small progress Prue encouraged me to stand up and face the bed as a support, this ended up meaning mum was on the other side of the bed with her arms out stretched gripping my arms. Each surge came and I felt myself making progress. I had a stool for one foot and the other planted on the ground.

I felt babes moving down with each surge and through the next break in my surges I did my best to keep him there. I turned my head at one point and briefly saw another midwife in the room so I knew we were close to meeting him. Another few surges and bearing down and almost ripping my mums arms off - I felt him move down again and I instinctively reached down and touched his head and there was lots of hair! Through the next surges I used all my breath to bear down and soon felt his head. At this point I tried my best ease him down (trying to avoid tearing) I separated my teeth and relaxed by jaw and soon enough out came the rest of him. He was quickly caught by Thom and Prue and brought up to my chest. He was loud and beautiful and big 3.9kg! It was 4:33pm and quickly after releasing 'holy shit, I just did that!' We had a breast feed and lots of cuddles. I lost a little bit of blood so had to have a bit of help with the release of my placenta and then a couple of stitches and a catheter.

We spent the night in hospital, just to make sure of no GBS infection to babes. Once we got the all clear we were home for dinner the next day.

Now a month on we are doing great and I tell everyone I know about how fantastic hypnobirthing is. I can't imagine how my birth would have gone with out it.

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