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Little Evie's Birth :)

Little Evie Lorella Imbrogno was born on the 9th August (her exact due date!). She is super cute and we are very much in love with her!

My birthing experience didn't really go as well as I was hoping but none the less I am still super happy that we did the hypnobirthing course. My surges started at 10pm on 8th August. I loved the process of going through the surges and felt really confident. We managed to stay at home until the surges were about 3 minutes apart and at that stage I was still feeling really good. I was listening to the tracks as I was having the surges which helped a lot. When we spoke to the midwife at the hospital she didn't think that I would be ready and said that I might be sent home however when I got there at around 5am they did the examination I was around 7cm dilated and she moved us to the birthing suite. I honestly thought that the birth was only around the corner but boy was I wrong! Before I knew it it was 10am and I starting to feel the urge to push. One of the midwives checked and said that I was ready to go. So then I began pushing! An hour passed and nothing was happening and it became a lot harder to push. They ended up calling the head midwife in and she did another internal examination and we found out that I wasn't in fact ready and that part of my cervix was in the way which is why nothing was happening when I was pushing and at that stage my waters still hadn't broken. I then had to STOP pushing and at that stage it became harder to focus on everything I had prepared and intended to do.

I lost complete control of my body and couldn't get back into the zone. This went on for about 2 hours! There was lots of convulsing as even though I was trying so hard not to push my body would just take over and do it anyway. Baby's heart rate then dropped and so they had to bring the monitors out. They gave me the option to rupture my waters to help me dilate completely so we decided to do that to speed things up. They also had to call in the doctor to get her opinion and she said I wasn't allowed to push either. So I was instructed to breathe through the surges again for about 2 hours until I was fully dilated.

Then all of a sudden I let my body push and that's what got things going then all of the midwives said to keep going so I did. Then about 2 hours later at 3:45pm she was born!!

I'm disappointed that things didn't go as I thought but I guess that's all part of it! Not knowing how it will turn out.

It was so amazing doing the course and like I have said previously I have been telling everyone about it. It kept me positive throughout the end of the pregnancy and when the surges started. I hope that next time Ill be able to continue the hypnobirthing right till the very end. I know I have it in me!

Anthony was an incredible and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him!

We would like to thank Nicole for all of her guidance and support throughout our journey and it is something that we will always be grateful for.

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