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Welcome little sister Kaia

I was pretty excited to get this gorgeous email from Nikki and Nath, who did my classes back in April 2016 with their first baby Jack, you can read their birth story here : Welcome Hypnobub Jack.

Nikki had told me she was pregnant again but we never got a chance to schedule a refresher, life is busy with a toddler!! Here is the birth story of their recent addition, gorgeous Kaia, Thanks for sharing Nikki and Nath xx

Hey Nicole! Just wanted to thank you once again for giving Nath and I the tools we needed to bring our second beautiful child into the world through hypnobirthing! We will be forever grateful. We had a lovely little girl, 'Kaia Lily Jones' Born 23.07.2017 @ 12.43 2.65kg 48cm This time round I was induced at 38 weeks, as Kaia was found to be small on her growth scans from 34 weeks. I had the cervidil inserted the night before my waters were broken and a syntocin drip started the next morning. When the contractions intensified I put my headphones in and listened to my hypnobirthing tracks for the duration of the labour until it was time to push. It was completely calm as I breathed through each contraction with my eyes closed. Nath and Erin (my midwife) were incredible throughout the labour and birth. They both were so quiet and were so supportive in allowing me to keep my focus. It was only 4 or so hours since the drip commenced that I felt the urge to push and my CMP midwife Prue was called. Prue made it just in time to catch the baby! I didn't get the chance to practice listening to the hypnobirthing tracks during this pregnancy because I was chasing Jack around, but amazingly this birth was even better than my first! Nath and I had a better understanding of what was happening, the pushing phase was so much quicker (she was 1kg lighter than Jack though) and I didn't feel spaced out because I didn't use the gas this time. All was well with Kaia once born, so no issues related to her small size. We were so blessed to have two absolutely amazing midwives present at her birth. We went home soon after the birth and happily introduced a new little sister to our cheeky and forever smiling little boy. Hope you are well! I bet your two little ones are keeping you on your toes! I'll keep spreading the hypnobirthing love around as I believe all women should feel such positivity and no fear surrounding birth. Thank-you, thank-you! Nikki, Nath, Jack & Kaia

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