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A Beautiful Testimonial

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I received this amazing testimonial from Amy and Tony, Welcome little Layla, she is divine guys, Hypnobirthing Superstars!! - Nic

My husband and I chose Nic's private hypnobirthing sessions, so that we could immerse ourselves in the experience as a team from the get go. My husband also has a short attention span - so I thought it might be our best option to get him learning well!

The hypnobirthing course is wonderful, and we couldn't imagine our birthing journey without Nic or the course content. We felt so empowered after each session in relation to birth and the choices which have to be made in the lead up. We also felt strong as a birthing team, and ready to face any challenges that lay ahead.

Nothing could prepare us for the physical/mental/emotional challenge of our first birth, with my pre-labour surges lasting four days, and exhaustion inevitably kicking in. I would not have made it through those four days of early labour at home without the hypnobirthing tracks and techniques which I learned within the course. My husband was also so supportive during this time, thanks to what he had learned also.

Even though our plan to birth at home came to an end after attempting for a whole day on day 4, I felt empowered to make intervention choices in hospital, thanks to Nic's delivery of the hypnobirthing course content. My choice to have an epidural to allow a couple of hours rest before delivery, and oxytocin to assist in final stages of dialiation, were both informed decisions that my husband and I were prepared to make to create the best possible outcome for our birthing journey. The hypnobirthing course covers much more than techniques, but also includes extensive information relating to interventions and all types of birth.

We are so very grateful to Nic for helping us learn that Plan A doesn't always happen, so to be mentally prepared and empowered to make informed decisions about Plan B or C where necessary. We are so happy with the outcome of our birthing journey, and feel that everything happened just the way the Universe intended.

We cannot recommend this course highly enough to both mother and birthing partner, whatever journey your birthing may take.

All the best,

Amy & Tony Burn

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Mind, bump & birth, Darwin
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