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Darling girl, you are finally here!

When I first moved to Darwin I was lucky enough to become fast friends with a beautiful soul and fellow midwife, the gorgeous Adele. She was our third wheel always and she lived with us when I was pregnant with Jude and whilst Jude was little. She was a support person in both of our births. When Sadie was due she had booked a trip to Adelaide shortly after her guess date, we all thought she would make an appearance before then, but Sadie had other ideas. Adele never got on the plane, she wanted to be there for me and I was so grateful. She is kinda my rock, in labour but also in life a lot of the time. We moved almost a year ago but have only just gotten around to putting our pictures up on the wall and I found this letter in the box. I asked her if I could share it and of course she agreed cause she is awesome. So this is Auntie Del's letter for Sadie, enjoy.

- Nic xx

Your mummy likes to tell me as soon as she finds out she's pregnant, which makes for long pregnancies! Your mummy had another smooth pregnancy, and looked more radiantly beautiful than ever before! Despite you stealing lot's of mummy's iron (which made her feel very tired!), she kicked on; working until 36 weeks, teaching hypnobirthing, and looking after your energetic big brother, Jude.

These last few weeks were a bit hard for mummy. You were sitting very low in her tummy, and giving her lots of irregular surges every day. This made everyone (including me) think that you would come earlier than your 'guess date'. But your guess date came and went and mummy was still pregnant. She had to learn to surrender to you; knowing that no matter what she did or tried, that it was you who would decide what day you wanted to be born... You clever little lady!

Yesterday, 6 days over your guess date, you decided to enter this big, crazy Earth. You gave mummy a bit of a fright in the morning, when she found some blood in her undies. We went to the hospital for a quick check up. Mummy was ok, and you were happy, so mummy came home to get the house ready for your birth. She knew you weren't far from meeting us. Daddy got to leave work early too. I came over in the late afternoon to help play with your brother Jude, so mummy could concentrate on her surges, as they started to become more intense.

By sunset, mummy was in the big, warm blow-up pool that was set up in the lounge room, which helped her to feel relaxed. Mummy's midwives Romy, Monika and Pippa arrived shortly after. The room was beautiful; subtle light coming from the salt lamp, positive affirmations covering the walls and calming Hypnobirth music on repeat. Your mummy breathed so well through your surges; she almost looked asleep! In between surges, your daddy was being silly and making us all laugh! Mummy was worried the surges were too spaced out, but your journey earthside was so similar to your big brothers, so we knew you would come and meet us soon.

Soon after, your baby bag was released and you were ready to come! All 5 of us were crowded around the pool, taking photos, and giving mummy support and confidence. The first thing we noticed under the water was your jet black hair! It was amazing! A couple of surges later, mummy and daddy lifted you out of the water, and you gently transitioned into the world. Mummy had a quick peek between your legs and announced to everyone that you were a GIRL! We were all so elated! There hasn't been a baby girl in daddy's family for over 60 years!

After awing over your hair, and chub and vernix, and wonderful entrance, mummy found some more strength to get out of the pool, where she birthed your beautiful, healthy, heart-shaped placenta. You nuzzled into mummy's breast and had a big drink! Mummy and Daddy called your family in Melbourne to tell them the exciting news. They were all so happy! They can't wait to meet you.

Well done darling Sadie. You and your mummy are so very clever. I have loved watching you grow for the last 9 months, and I feel so lucky to have been there when you took your first breath. You have picked a pretty awesome family to belong to. You are already so loved.

Love Auntie Del


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