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Born at home :)

I got the most amazing email last week from a gorgeous couple who had hypnobirthed their first baby but were looking for something even better this time around. They did a refresher with me and had this amazing birth! I was so excited to be able to share this with you... Enjoy this lovely birth story from such a superstar mumma!! N x

Ada May Sinclair, born at home, 3:10am on 15th December. After a less than ideal first birth we wanted things to go differently for number 2. so we chose to be part of the Darwin Homebirth Midwife Team and were assigned Kathy as our midwife. This pregnancy I chose to do acupuncture and massages from about 20 ish weeks. I also did my refresher hypnobirthing course with you and was assured me I was all over it. I listened to my affirmations anywhere I drove and the surge of the sea as much as I could. Carl did light touch massage most nights and rubbed magnesium oil into my painful hips (game changing!) With my guess date fast approaching and the Darwin build up weather sending me mad I was getting impatient to meet baby. We had our birth pool blown up from 38 weeks much to our 19mth olds horror who when we told her Mummy was going to have the baby in there became very concerned we’d left it in there on its own. We were ready and waiting. Then things deviated from the plan... number 1 brought home gastro for the whole family. Surely baby won’t come while we’re dealing with this?! However baby was keen to be earthside. I started noticing surges about 2pm but thought they were Braxton Hicks as I’d been having heaps for the past few weeks. By 6pm they were regular enough to time and were coming for 40 ish seconds every 10mins. I showered with lavender oil dropped in the shower and listening to my affirmations and went to bed at 8pm to watch some tv. I listened to surge of the sea falling asleep about 8:30. By 10:15pm I couldn’t sleep through what I thought must surely be surges? I put surge of the sea back on and lay in bed for another 1.5hrs dosing on and off. After needing the loo a couple of times I decided to get up and do last minute prep downstairs as I was now 90% sure this was it and baby was coming. I cranked up Christopher Lloyd’s deep within in my earplugs. By 1:30pm surges were every 2 mins or so for about a minute. I went upstairs and woke Carl and we called Kathy our midwife. I don’t think she quite realized how far along I was as I was talking and easily breathing through surges. She said she’d get on the road and see us soon, not sounding too rushed. I went back downstairs and started sticking up my affirmations. I only got 2 up before having some stronger surges where my waters exploded. Carl was busy filling up the pool at this stage. After making it to the toilet to change my undies I noticed meconium in the pad. Bummer. I called Kathy back at 2:10am and while talking to her had 3 or 4 surges that were the most challenging of the whole birth. Game on I thought. She advised to call the ambulance and forget about the pool and she’d get a move on. I called my amazing friend Libby to come look after our daughter and managed ‘can you come NOW’ before hanging up on her. I made it back to the lounge room to kneel on the floor over the couch. Everyone arrived at once. Kathy quickly assessed me and advised we wouldn’t make it to hospital and baby was coming. Every surge brings our baby closer was the inner mantra I kept saying in my head and overall we didn’t have many until we got to meet our beautiful Ada! I got the urge to bear down and slowly and calmly brought Ada earthside at 3:10am without waking up my 19mth old! So thank you Nicole, hypnobirthing proved it’s weight in gold this morning as I thoroughly enjoyed this birth (minus the gastro) & felt like the strong amazing woman I am after birthing her (minor minor graze and that’s it & a perfect new baby) Xx


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